Electrical Contractor Partner: Power Outage

A reliable electrical partner can save you hundreds of thousands per minute in a power outage

There are very few investments you can make in your business that are as cost effective as a reliable partner for electrical service.

Imagine an ROI of hundreds of thousands of dollars per minute. That’s what some large manufacturing operations will lose to a power failure.

No matter how capable your team, or how solid your maintenance practices, power failure happens. Along with many other forms of electrical interruption. From accidents, large and small, to weather, to every variety of equipment or system malfunction, no business is immune from the risk of an electrical disruption.

As with many mishaps however, the difference between disruption and catastrophe comes down to having the right kind of help when you need it.

“When you use an electrical team who knows your facility, the speed and efficiency of getting the problem fixed skyrockets.” – Peter Kearns, Director of Electrical Operations, Allegiance Industries

Electrical problems don’t happen on anyone’s schedule, so being able to pick up the phone and immediately reach an electrical partner with the expertise you need is not a convenience. It’s a requirement. And possibly the most valuable preventive process you could put in place.

The Unfortunately Common & Excruciatingly High Cost of Power Disruption

At Allegiance Industries, our electrical services team has seen it all, from an accident involving a tractor trailer and a transformer to less dramatic but equally devastating things like a collision between an abandoned soda can and a piece of production equipment.

Anything that interrupts the power to your facility, or shuts down a piece of critical equipment, has the potential to become expensive quickly. The sources, unfortunately, are everywhere:

  • Power surges
  • Transformer damage or malfunction
  • Control cabinet failure
  • Line failure
  • Motor failure
  • Arc flash
  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Human Error
  • Weather

Whether you are running 24/7 or closing up at night, the risks accumulate quickly, including risks to the safety of your employees and the safety of your customers.

It only takes a bit of a lag to destroy product that is temperature or climate-sensitive and depending on when it occurs, a power loss can set in motion a long chain of disruption.

An Electrical Partner Who Knows Your Business: A Powerful Advantage

At Allegiance, we understand what is at stake for our customers across industries that include pharmaceutical, education and food processing, among others. That’s why our electrical team is on call 24/7 to ensure that electrical issues and sources of power disruption are addressed as quickly as possible.

Our response begins before we ever take your call, with an onsite inspection of the facilities for every new customer we take on.  When a problem occurs, we don’t have to waste time learning your system. That’s a head start you can use to save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“When you use an electrical team who knows your facility, the speed and efficiency of getting the problem fixed skyrockets,” explains Peter Kearns, director of electrical operations at Allegiance. “If you call someone who has never been there, figuring out where things are can take longer than fixing them.”

Allegiance customers also have the advantage of our team of certified experts for all their electrical and lighting needs – from routine maintenance, to repairs, installation, upgrades and system design and construction. When you partner with Allegiance for your electrical needs, you keep your risk of unplanned trouble to a minimum, while gaining a partner who will be there when it strikes.

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