Janitorial Services

All janitorial services do pretty much the same thing, don’t they? What do KPIs have to do with cleaning services? You may as well just go with the provider offering the lowest price.

These are among the most common misconceptions we hear from business owners who haven’t dared to let their expectations rise.

And unfortunately, there are janitorial providers out there whose service does little to discourage the idea that the industry is heavy on low-skilled, poorly trained staff with constant turnover that leaves business owners frequently having to intervene.

That’s a waste of time, money and effort that would be better spent doing a bit of research. The right janitorial partner is one you never have to think about – and the effect on your bottom line and morale is more significant than you may realize.

High turnover does plague the cleaning industry, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it.

Expertise, On-site Supervision and a Process that Goes Beyond Clean

A reliable janitorial service is one that can demonstrate a process that does more than just keep the trash cans empty and the floors mopped. High-quality janitorial service for the manufacturing industry requires diligence and know-how and begins with a thorough review of facilities to identify the high-traffic areas, tour routes and often overlooked areas like stairwells.

On-site management ensures that you won’t have to supervise the process, and KPIs provide the structure and reporting to ensure that there’s a system in place to ensure excellent results day after day. Why should you have to put up with anything less?

At Allegiance Industries, we have strict KPI and reporting processes and a training process that ensures that our employees will perform to our standards. We have a 9-point inspection that follows a rotating schedule of areas to ensure that 40 separate areas are cleaned a minimum of once a week. Our goal is to ensure that your facility is kept more than clean and safe, but also audit ready, every day.

We take the time to understand your business, your facility and your needs to create a custom cleaning plan with no hidden costs. And then we deliver it.

The Advantages of an Experienced, Diversified Provider

With decades of experience working in industries that include pharmaceutical, education and an array of manufacturing, the Allegiance team provides reliable, high-quality janitorial services that go beyond cleaning. Our staff is trained to look for areas that others miss. Our clients don’t have to worry about whether they are audit ready, tour ready or going to get an extra bill for cleaning areas in advance of a VIP visit. That’s built-in to the job we do.

With security and electrical services also available, our clients have the convenient option of using a single vendor to cover multiple facility needs. We can also provide a wide variety of special projects including painting and rafter cleaning, among other services.

Communication, transparency and customer service are core values at Allegiance Industries and we work hard to uphold them, with daily, monthly and quarterly reporting and check lists.

Want more than you’re getting from your current janitorial provider? We make it easy to switch, with a careful and diligent transition plan that ensures nothing is overlooked.

That’s how a reliable janitorial partner works. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to put up with anything less.

Contact Allegiance today to set up an onsite cost analysis and set your sights on a higher standard of janitorial service.

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