Keep Your Surgery Center Clean, Secure & Powered

Allegiance Industries helps Surgery Centers achieve the highest levels of productivity and employee morale. OSHA compliant processes and systems insure a safe, healthy environment for healthcare staff and patients.

Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are a substantial problem globally, with millions of patients impacted each year. Allegiance assists hospitals in developing, custom tailored custodial, standard operating procedures for outpatient, general inpatient, specialized patient, & common areas. Our systems and processes help prevent environmental transmission of HAIs and ensure susceptible patients and staff are provided a clean, healthy atmosphere.

Surgery Center Cleaning

Janitorial services from Allegiance leave patient rooms, surgery centers, restrooms, administrative offices, and common areas tour and audit ready, every day – with all surfaces in common areas fully sanitized to reduce the risk of COVID-19 and other illnesses.

24/7 Security

Our security services provide 24-hour on-site, uniformed security guards, either armed or unarmed, to protect your employees and keep your property safe and secure.

Low & High-Voltage Electrical

Allegiance electrical services are provided by in-house, low, and high-voltage electricians who maintain your electrical system and lifesaving machinery for safety and productivity- every day. Expansion projects and upgrades are also within Allegiance’s electrical capabilities.

Special Projects

Our special projects capability provides additional cleaning, safety and productivity gains as we handle painting, ceiling cleaning and other special projects.

Cost Analysis & Site Survey

Get started with a cost analysis, followed by a site survey, in which janitorial, security and electrical problems are identified throughout your facility and a plan is formulated to resolve them. A transition plan with our onsite and regional management team ensures you get the highest service from day 1. You will receive daily and monthly reports, quarterly checklists and meet with us monthly to ensure open communication and the highest quality service every day.

Allegiance gives you your time back. What could you do with that kind of help?

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