Meeting your needs for reliable, accurate and experienced janitorial, security, electrical, and special project services is not a cookie-cutter undertaking – it means:

✓ Knowing what your needs are

✓ Understanding the culture of your business

✓ Internalizing what is at stake if your needs go unmet

✓ Linking your success with our success

High-quality communication starts with a commitment to diligent and transparent processes that leave nothing to chance. Once we understand your expectations, we establish clear goals and processes to meet and exceed them.

Consistent and ongoing communications throughout every step of the engagement ensures that everyone is working toward the same goals and nothing falls through the cracks – and it’s a key differentiator separating vendors from partners.

Responsive Service So Seamless, You Never Have to Think About It

As your janitorial, security and electrical partner, we provide multiple ongoing channels of communication and reporting:

  • Pre- and post-transition site surveys
  • Transition communication and follow-up visits
  • Communication with onsite employees
  • Recruiting, training and communication of expectations to onsite team
  • Transition checklists
  • Daily janitorial and security checklists
  • Monthly regional manager site visits
  • Weekly calls between your site manager and our executive management team
  • Quarterly audits conducted by a member of our executive team
  • Real-time chat between your janitorial, security and electrical team members and HR
  • Communications with your vendors whenever you need it (one less thing for you to do)

It’s a highly-structured, highly-disciplined process incorporated into every aspect of our work. But what it looks like is high-quality service and responsiveness, seamlessly integrated into the culture of your organization.

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