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Cleanroom Cleaning for Your Facility

Our teams utilize GMP Cleaning practices in cleanroom spaces for your facilities.

At Allegiance Industries, we always customize our process to your specific site needs and standards. Here’s what that includes:

Operating the Cleanroom:

Our GMP trained teams understand that maintaining a cleanroom is imperative to our client’s manufacturing production. We maintain these GMP standards through:

  • Minimizing the amount of potential pollutants entering and exiting production
  • Only allowing trained personnel to access cleanrooms
  • Regular cleaning of cleanroom space
  • Regular maintenance of equipment
  • Regular checking of air filters and airflow
  • Re-validating the cleanroom space

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Facility Solutions Customized to Your Needs

Optimizing Cleanroom operations with comprehensive services


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24/7 protection from experienced security professionals



Quick and reliable electrical services by our skilled team of experts

The Accreditation of Excellence and Professional Affiliations

Upholding Industry Standards
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Leading association for global cleaning industry.

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Certification for quality facility service contractors.

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Green Seal

A global nonprofit org that pioneered the ecolabeling movement with a mission to protect human health.

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A membership-based non-profit organization that promotes sustainability in building design, construction, and operation.

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The premier trade association serving the building service contracting industry.

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Following employer safety rules for employee protection.

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FAQ About Our
Cleanroom Services

We Have All The Answers To Your Questions Regarding Our Services

We adhere to a rigorous cleaning protocol meticulously crafted to meet industry-leading standards and regulatory requirements. Our approach integrates a blend of manual cleaning methods, cutting-edge specialized equipment, and validated disinfectants, guaranteeing the thorough sanitization of your cleanroom space. At Allegiance, transparency is paramount; we readily provide our clients with SDS Sheets and comprehensive training manuals, ensuring strict adherence and unwavering compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Absolutely! Our seasoned team is experienced in servicing cleanrooms spanning various classifications, ranging from ISO 6 to ISO 9. We tailor our cleaning procedures to align with the distinct requirements and rigorous standards of your cleanroom classification.

We recognize the importance of safeguarding your equipment and products throughout the cleaning process. Our team undergoes comprehensive training to handle sensitive equipment with utmost care, employing gentle cleaning techniques and non-corrosive agents to mitigate any potential risk of damage.

We strictly adherence to gowning procedures and equip our team with cleanroom-compatible footwear and protective gear to prevent any possibility of contamination. Furthermore, we implement proper air shower procedures and/or employ tacky mats at entry points to effectively reduce the introduction of contaminants into the cleanroom environment.

We maintain detailed cleaning protocols and comprehensive checklists tailored to each cleanroom, guaranteeing a consistent and thorough approach during every visit. Moreover, our commitment to quality assurance involves conducting routine audits and performance evaluations to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and reliability. The results of these audits are shared through our Cleantelligent Client Portal, ensuring transparency and accountability.

We recognize the unpredictability of emergencies and prioritize prompt response times for urgent cleanroom sanitation needs. Based on your location and the nature of the situation, we are committed to mobilizing our team and resources promptly, ensuring efficient resolution without compromising on the quality of our services.

Yes! We thoroughly document every cleaning session, encompassing comprehensive cleaning logs, validation reports, and any relevant certifications. This strong documentation serves as tangible evidence of our unwavering commitment to quality and adherence to industry standards.