Achieving the highest level of productivity, employee morale and overall satisfaction begins with a transition process designed to create a seamless switch:

  • 30 days prior to starting, we send you a transition checklist and provide notice to your current janitorial/security provider
  • We meet with your current onsite team and walk the site again with our regional team
  • Employees of your current provider are evaluated for positions on the new team
  • Your equipment is ordered and scheduled to arrive one week in advance of start
  • A job fair is held the week before to recruit new employees needed for your facility
  • Hiring includes 20% over the headcount needed to fill any gaps created by initial background check failures and turnover
  • The weekend before day 1, your new onsite team is joined by our regional team to clean out janitorial closets, discard old equipment and get everything staged
  • On Friday of the first week, we provide a recap in SQDC format (safety, quality, delivery, cost)
  • Each Friday for the first month of our transition, we will provide a detailed recap of successes and challenges within your facility
  • 30-day, 60-day and quarterly reviews are held as part of our ongoing communication process

You will receive weekly communication updates from us beginning one month prior to the start date. The 30-day share of the transition checklist is just the start. Each Friday until launch, and then each Friday after launch for 30 days, we provide a weekly recap of “wins and challenges” to ensure transparency in our transition.

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