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How to Spot Hidden Productivity Killers in Your Facility

How to Spot Hidden Productivity Killers in Your Facility

Workplace stress costs American businesses up to $190 billion a year in health costs alone, according to the Harvard Business Review.

“It is time to recognize the role clutter plays in our work lives – and to do something to clean up the mess,” the article says, noting that cluttered spaces have negative effects on our stress and anxiety levels.

Disorder reduces the ability to focus, which has a direct effect on productivity. Yet many companies put up with vendors whose processes don’t ensure an ongoing system of order and cleanliness. It’s just one of many productivity killers that could be hiding in your facility.

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6 Productivity Opportunities

Are you losing productivity to sloppy processes or overlooked opportunities to boost employee morale and job satisfaction? Consider the following:

  • A clean environment keeps workers healthier – they take fewer sick days so production stays on track; sloppy janitorial and maintenance practices cost you more than you may realize.
  • A well-organized workspace allows workers to quickly find the supplies needed to do the job
  • Workers are more likely to stay on task when their work environment is kept clean; overflowing trash cans are more than unsightly – many workers will stop what they are doing to empty them rather than put up with them
  • A system of regularly scheduled maintenance reduces downtime and the likelihood of emergency repairs
  • Well-planned security processes reduce risk and maintain order by controlling access and making employees feel secure and protected
  • Continuing education and employee recognition keep motivation high and turnover low
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The Right Partner for Productivity

Allegiance Industries has been helping companies stay clean, secure and powered for three decades. Our janitorialsecurity and electrical services can improve your operating efficiency and lower costs.

Our processes are carefully designed to meet the needs of your facilities and your business, ensuring that the services we provide are tailored to the success of our customers, from industrial manufacturing to pharmaceutical, food processing, educational institutions, healthcare, retail, and government entities.

Partnering with Allegiance Industries leaves you with more than just reliable cleaning, security and electrical services; we provide the confidence that comes from knowing you have the processes in place to meet your productivity goals. Anyone can empty your trash cans. Our team works with your overall productivity in mind, and looks to root out less obvious sources of dirt and disorder.

To learn more about what our reliable, high-quality services and solutions could do for your productivity, contact us for a cost analysis and quote.

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