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It’s 3 a.m. Do You Know Where Your Electrician Is?

It’s 3 a.m. Do You Know Where Your Electrician Is?

A reliable electrical partner can save you hundreds of thousands per minute in a power outage

Investing in a reliable partner for electrical services is one of the most cost-effective decisions you can make for your business. The potential return on investment is substantial, with some large manufacturing operations facing losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars per minute during a power failure.

No matter how skilled your team is or how well-maintained your equipment may be, power failures and other electrical interruptions can still occur. These disruptions can be caused by accidents, weather events, equipment malfunctions, or system failures, making every business vulnerable to the risks associated with electrical issues.

However, the difference between a minor disruption and a catastrophic event often comes down to having the right support in place when you need it. By partnering with a reliable electrical service provider, you can minimize downtime, reduce financial losses, and ensure that your business is well-equipped to handle any electrical challenges that may arise.

“When you use an electrical team who knows your facility, the speed and efficiency of getting the problem fixed skyrockets.” – Peter Kearns, Director of Electrical Operations, Allegiance Industries

Electrical issues can arise unexpectedly, making it crucial to have immediate access to an experienced electrical partner. This is not just a convenience, but a necessity. In fact, having a reliable electrical partner on call may be the most valuable preventive measure you can take.

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The Unfortunately Common & Excruciatingly High Cost of Power Disruption

At Allegiance Industries, our team of electrical experts has encountered a wide range of challenges, from major incidents such as a tractor trailer colliding with a transformer, to seemingly minor yet equally damaging events like a soda can causing a disruption in production equipment.

Any disruption in power supply to your facility or malfunction of critical equipment can result in significant financial losses. It is crucial to address these issues promptly to avoid costly consequences.

The sources, unfortunately, are everywhere:

  • Power surges
  • Transformer damage or malfunction
  • Control cabinet failure
  • Line failure
  • Motor failure
  • Arc flash
  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Human Error
  • Weather

Whether your business operates around the clock or closes at night, risks can quickly accumulate, posing threats to the safety of both your employees and customers.

A slight delay can result in the spoilage of temperature or climate-sensitive products, leading to financial losses. Additionally, a power outage, depending on the timing, can trigger a series of disruptions that can have lasting effects on your operations.

It is crucial to be proactive in identifying and addressing potential risks to ensure the smooth and safe operation of your business. By implementing proper safety measures and contingency plans, you can minimize the impact of unforeseen events and protect your employees, customers, and assets.

Resistance test of temperature sensors in the cooling supply section of the ventilation unit.

An Electrical Partner Who Knows Your Business: A Powerful Advantage

At Allegiance, we recognize the importance of our customers in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, education, and food processing. This understanding drives our commitment to providing exceptional electrical services. Our team is available 24/7 to promptly address any electrical issues or power disruptions that may arise.

Prior to receiving your call, we conduct thorough onsite inspections of your facilities to familiarize ourselves with your systems. This proactive approach allows us to swiftly resolve any problems, saving you valuable time and money.

Peter Kearns, our director of electrical operations, emphasizes the significance of having a team that is well-acquainted with your facility. This familiarity leads to quicker and more efficient solutions, minimizing downtime.

Allegiance offers a team of certified experts to handle all your electrical and lighting needs, including maintenance, repairs, installations, upgrades, and system design. By partnering with us, you reduce the risk of unexpected issues and gain a reliable ally in times of trouble.

For a quote and more information on how we can help maintain the safety, continuity, and cost-effectiveness of your electrical systems, please contact us.

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