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Janitorial Case Study: Lighting Manufacturer

Janitorial Case Study: Lighting Manufacturer

Learn how Allegiance Industries shook up expectations for a lighting technology manufacturer that had come to believe that dirt and grime left behind was an unavoidable side effect of the manufacturing process.

Finding a high-quality janitorial provider can be a challenge for busy manufacturers. Many companies end up settling for less in the belief that janitorial service providers are inherently inconsistent or that dirty facilities simply come with the territory – or both.

That was the case for a North Carolina manufacturer of energy-efficient LED lighting.

Despite using a cleaning service, the facility was never really clean. Floors were dirty. Stairwells were blackened by silicon carbide residue tracked from floor to floor.

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Grime & Punishment: Putting Up with Janitorial Service Not Up to the Job

Over time, the company’s supply chain manager observes, shoddy cleaning practices become more than just a cleaning problem – they start to take up time as well.

“You’re either constantly following up or you’re constantly switching vendors to find someone who can meet your needs. Or you just kind of settle, thinking, ‘well, it’s a dirty place.’”

The Solution: Allegiance Comes through with an Effective Cleaning Plan (and more)

Along came Allegiance Industries, and soon the manufacturer was learning to adjust to a whole different level of expectations. “Allegiance has shown us that it doesn’t have to be a dirty place,” the manager said.

With the Allegiance team in place, everything gets clean and stays clean, even the stairwells. “The cleanliness they provide is much higher than we’ve seen in the past,” the manager said. “They work routine into the cleaning process so that everything stays clean. They definitely take pride in their work.”

The difference is in both process diligence and technique, she said. “We had black floors before Allegiance came in. Now they’re nice and shiny. Nothing gets missed.”

A few other examples she cites:

  • Cafeteria tables are cleaned as soon as someone leaves
  • As part of the company’s efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Allegiance team members help stock PPE and additional cleaning supplies
  • Coffee, tea and other supplies are kept stocked in break areas
  • A regular schedule of periodic deep cleaning keeps everything grime free
  • Floors undergo regular machine cleaning – not just mopping

Partnership & Commitment that Makes a Difference

The difference goes beyond clean, the manager said. When the company had to send nearly half of its workforce home during the pandemic, their janitorial needs were reduced as well. “There was no contractual obligation for Allegiance to give us a price adjustment, but they did,” she said. That’s how a partnership operates, she said.

“They understand that in order to have long-term partnerships, you can’t just be a commodity.”

Image of man cleaning facility equipment.

Experienced, Reliable Electrical Service that Lives Up to the Promise

As an added convenience, it’s a partnership that includes using Allegiance electrical services for project-based work that includes the installation of large equipment and tools. “Allegiance lives up to its promises,” the manager said. “They are very competitive on price point and have great customer service.”

The manager also cited the benefit of Allegiance’s system of deep manager involvement and onsite supervision. “They are involved at every level,” she said. “When they walk through with their managers, they look around,” she said. They notice what needs to be done.

“They do a great job of making sure that we have the response time that we need and that we are in constant communication. It is definitely a very positive experience.”

Audit Ready, All the Time

Even better, she said, the Allegiant team is so thorough that nothing extra is required to meet the standards of any audit review. It’s audit ready “They don’t have to go above what they are currently doing.”

The company was so happy with the work at its main facility that they recently engaged Allegiance to bring a second site up to the same standard.

The manager set a deadline of 60 days. Allegiance “had it done in two weeks,” she said.

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