Maintain GMP-Grade Hygiene, Safety & Power of Your Facility

Are your janitorial, security and electrical vendors meeting FDA, GDP, and GMP guidelines?

Do your current facility services providers meet your internal standards for cleanliness, energy efficiency, and compliance?

Is your janitorial service keeping your cleanrooms, and entire facility, audit ready and findings-free?

Allegiance Industries works with a variety of pharmaceutical industry clients providing janitorial, security, electrical, and special project services that maintain the upkeep and facility compliance; including rigorous documentation processes.

We’ll Handle the Paperwork

“If it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen.” At Allegiance, we handle the cleaning validation paperwork and logbooks, so you don’t have to. Allegiance assists clients in maintaining an effective cleaning process to ensure their facility follows federal regulations set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA requires strict levels of cleanliness and good documentation practices (GDocP). Among these are detailed maintenance schedules in cleanrooms; that require signature verification and revaluation each year with proper use of military time stamps, European-style dates, and correct signatures.

Complete FDA Compliance

Failure, of even the smallest of FDA requirement, requires backup documentation for an extensive review. The FDA considers improper documentation a minor finding. However, if multiple errors in the records are discovered, your organization could face hefty fines. A critical finding could lead to a more extreme fine or facility shutdowns.

With an Allegiance partnership, you can have peace of mind that your facilities, including cleanrooms, are up to code. Our cleanroom technicians are trained extensively on GDocP for consistent, thorough, and proper cleaning.

Audit Ready, Year-Round

Allegiance’s strict mentality towards audits is demonstrated through regular monthly Regional Manager inspections. In addition, quarterly audits are performed by a member of the Allegiance Industries Executive Team. When it comes time for an FDA audit, it’s “just another day” for the Allegiance Team.

Not only do we ensure your paperwork is in order year-round, but our janitorial crews also maintain high standards of cleanliness throughout your facilities. At Allegiance, we value high quality team members and compensate 20-30% higher than competitors to maintain low turnover rates and high employee morale. Our crews are consistent and reliable, trained on the specific SOW of your facility, and provide the same quality standards day after day.

Security & Electrical Services

Pharmaceuticals appreciate that we apply the same level of professionalism to our security guard and electrical contracting service.

We provide expert security in the form of armed and unarmed guards for 24/7 facility monitoring.

We also provide electrical maintenance and repairs, from routine maintenance, to rewiring for build-outs to remodeling projects – even high-voltage if needed.

Get a Cost Analysis and Quote Today

West Pharmaceuticals, BD Pharmaceuticals, Union Agener, and many other companies rely on Allegiance for FDA-compliant and high-quality cleaning, security, and electrical services. Our teams go “all-in” to uphold the standards of your facilities.

Contact us to learn how we can help maintain GDP, cleanliness, and FDA-compliance of your facilities. We are happy to meet with your team, conduct a full site audit, and provide a detailed cost analysis and quote.

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