Find out if Allegiance Industries is a good fit for your organization.

Let us help with a customized cost analysis built around the customizable combination of janitorial, security and electrical services that best fit your facility’s needs.

Discovery Call

Your cost analysis starts with a phone consultation. Over a 15-30 minute discovery call, we’ll gather the information we need to understand your situation and determine the right level of services, supplies, and equipment (as part of janitorial services). Additional factors may be considered to establish the right scope of work for your facility.

We’ll analyze the findings and provide you with a follow-up report by phone or as part of a site visit.

Example Findings

One major point of emphasis during the discovery call is to ensure alignment of technical documents (scope of work), with client expectations. For example, a client who operates 7 days a week may have excess trash in their breakrooms on Monday mornings if the SOW does not call for weekend janitorial coverage.

On another call, we discovered a manufacturer who wanted 24-hour surveillance but had only engaged a security provider for two 8-hour shifts. Much of a janitorial or security quote comes down to headcount and number of shifts, then paying these people a livable wage in order to minimize turnover and related problems.

Site Survey

After reviewing the cost analysis, we will coordinate a site survey to provide you with a final quote. Site surveys are also part of partnering with Allegiance for electrical services: we review blueprints and walk through the details of what you need. We find problems 100% of the time on these site visits and whether you partner with us or not, we will leave you with a report you can use to ensure they do not create bigger problems.

Your site survey can also include:

  • Arc flash audit
  • Infrared audit
  • LED lighting audits
  • Electrical budget planning
  • Security vulnerability assessment

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