If you like what you see with the cost analysis, we will coordinate a site survey to provide you with a final quote on whatever combination of janitorial, security and electrical services you need.

The Site Survey Process

  1. Review your blueprints and scope of work prior to the site visit, if you can provide them (ideal)
  2. Visit your site with PPE and a measuring laser
  3. Walk the plant to review your current situation and challenges
  4. Make recommendations and outline what we would do differently as your partner

Survey Options

Our site survey can also include an arc flash audit, infrared audit, LED lighting audits, and electrical budget planning so you have an estimate for upcoming capital expenditure projects.

If you are concerned with your security or would like an experienced security provider to evaluate your current situation, gaps and risks, Allegiance can also conduct a vulnerability assessment on your property.

Final Quote

Our final quote will detail any problems identified during our site visit – and every visit reveals something. Whether you engage with us or not, you will be left with valuable information you can use to resolve these issues so they do not create bigger problems for you in the future.

Contact us to learn about janitorial, security & electrical services