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What to Expect When You Outsource Janitorial Services

What to Expect When You Outsource Janitorial Services

Whether you’re looking for a janitorial partner or project-based help, outsourced cleaning and janitorial services for commercial and industrial facilities can be a cost-effective way to ensure your business is clean and well-maintained at all times.

But it only works if you find the right partner. When looking for outsourced janitorial services, organizations need to evaluate the potential partner’s experience in their industry, as well as their processes for ensuring reliability, their transition plan and cost structure, among other factors.

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Before You Buy: Do You Understand the Cost?

A cost analysis is critical to understanding whether a janitorial partner is the right fit for your business. When establishing outsourced services with a new partner, misunderstandings and misalignments between your goals and the services provided can lead to a poor outcome.

A cost analysis begins with a thorough scope of work (SOW), including equipment, supplies and chemicals (which should represent no more than 5-7% of the cost), and more. Many janitorial partners, such as Allegiance, also offer security and electrical contracting services. If you are outsourcing these, be sure that your needs are fully outlined in the SOW.

Site Surveys Are Critical to Success

At Allegiance, we go onsite to inspect the facilities of our customers to ensure that all expectations are clearly outlined and that the SOW accurately matches your needs. Onsite evaluations are also critical for scoping out security and electrical services.

The right partner should not only evaluate your standard needs, but also be able to offer custom services for special projects as needed, including:

  • Green cleaning
  • Clean room services
  • Medical waste disposal
  • Special event services

Work with Your Provider to Establish a Transition Plan

Transitions are often the top hurdle for customers outsourcing for the first time. Ask the companies you are considering about their process of onboarding and taking over from your in-house team.

At Allegiance, we begin 30 days prior to ensure you experience no gaps in service. We complete all training the weekend before so that all team members are ready before day one. Here’s a quick rundown of the transition:

  1. We start 30 days prior, sending you a transition checklist
  2. We meet with your onsite team to understand the facility’s needs
  3. Current employees are always evaluated and considered for positions on the Allegiance team
  4. Required equipment is ordered a week in advance of the start date
  5. We hire 20% over the headcount to fill any gaps
  6. Your new onsite team arrives the weekend before day one to prepare for a productive and operational day one.

After establishing a routine, and ironing out any wrinkles in week one, we will provide you a recap of safety, quality, delivery, and cost. Following the week one evaluation, we provide 30-day, 60-day and quarterly reviews to maintain quality, consistent communication.

A Seamless Transition to High-Quality Services

Allegiance is dedicated to providing the best quality of service for each of our clients. That includes onsite supervision and ongoing communication practices to ensure that we are truly a part of your team. Our team members take pride in their performance, always striving to go above and beyond the expectations of our customers.

We listen carefully to your needs, customize a schedule to meet your facility’s requirements, and follow through with reliable, first-rate labor and customer service. Starting with a seamless transition process, we are committed to maintaining high standards and delivering exceptional results.

The result is more than just a “clean” work environment. It is a standard of clean that guarantees you are audit and visitor ready at all times. A transition so seamless, you won’t have to think about it.

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