You & Your Students Deserve APPA Level 2 Quality Cleaning & More

Is your janitorial cleaning service or in-house team making the grade? Are they keeping up with all of your COVID requirements? Let us show you how we can provide you with a higher level of service.

Universities, technical schools, secondary, and elementary schools all count on Allegiance Industries for APPA level 2 quality of cleaning service for level 3 pricing plus the opportunity to provide cost-effective security and electrical services.

And we don’t charge extra to take care of accidents and we can take care of all the painting, patching and whatever else you need quickly and cost-effectively.

All-In for Education

Our teams provide “all-in” service instead of just the minimum. Here’s an overview of what that includes:

  • All-Inclusive Service: get reliable, one-stop expertise for ongoing high-quality janitorial, security, electrical, and facilities maintenance services – whatever combination you need
  • Janitorial Services: safe, healthy and diligent cleaning processes, for routine needs and there are no additional charges for on-the-spot services: we understand there will be unplanned cleaning needs
  • Consistency of Periodics: floors are stripped and re-waxed during every break and other periodic maintenance is done on a careful schedule with the extra manpower needed (no extra charge)
  • Electrical Maintenance & Repairs: routine maintenance, rewiring for build-outs or remodeling projects, and even high-voltage if needed
  • Expert Security: including armed guards if needed, for 24/7 campus monitoring, door checks, metal detector supervision, and crossing guard services
  • Excellence, Reliability & Seamless Fit: Allegiance is a trusted provider to educational institutions across South Carolina and beyond because we align our services and quality with the culture of your institution
  • High-Quality Training & Low Employee Turnover: you benefit from an experienced, reliable and highly motivated team
  • Transparent Billing & Communication: regular visits by our management team, reporting and ongoing communication ensures you get the quality daily and periodic service you and your students deserve

Outsourcing for the First Time?

If you’re outsourcing your custodial and/or maintenance roles, we’ll provide you with a huge cost savings while rehiring your people and provide equivalent pay and benefits. Focus on taking care of the kids and staff while we take care of your facilities.

Get a Cost Analysis & Quote Today

If you want all-in janitorial services, contact us to find out how you can get APPA level 2 service as the best value bid. Likely for less than you are paying today. We’ll meet with your team, conduct a site audit and provide you with a complimentary cost analysis and quote.

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