Experienced, Reliable, Compliant Services for Industries with No Room for Error

Food processing and manufacturing businesses can’t afford to get it wrong when it comes to sanitation and janitorial services. Their business – and the health and safety of their customers – depends on it.

That’s why hundreds of food processors and manufacturers have partnered with Allegiance Industries over the years to meet rigorous cleaning and sanitation requirements.

In fact, we are sometimes the first call a company makes when facing the threat of a shutdown as the result of USDA compliance findings. Poor or unreliable processes for implementing, documenting and maintaining the necessary level of sanitation in a food processing plant are a catastrophe in the making.

Sanitation and Compliance Excellence for a Good Night’s Sleep

At Allegiance Industries, we get it. We have been helping managers in the food processing and manufacturing industry sleep well at night for three decades and our processes are designed to ensure the highest level of consistency, reliability and compliant sanitation practices. Our team has decades of experience working with food processers and manufacturers to ensure:

  • Elimination of cross-contamination risks
  • Proper segregation of front-end and back-end processes
  • Proper use of PPE and exit/entry procedures
  • Consistent and accurate swabbing, documentation and validation
  • Meticulous processes for equipment sanitation and LOTO (logout/tag out) protocols
  • Deep expertise in meeting food-industry compliance standards
  • Continuous on-site supervision and documentation

Security & Electrical Services

Food industry managers sleep even better knowing that the same level of professionalism we provide for their sanitation needs is available from our security guard and electrical contracting service.

Expert security in the form of armed and unarmed guards for 24/7 facility monitoring and professional electrical maintenance and repair service means you have an entire team at your disposal – all of whom understand the unique requirements and demands of working within a food processing or manufacturing facility.

Our electrical team can provide everything from routine maintenance, to rewiring for build-outs to remodeling projects – even high-voltage if needed, to ensure the reliable, efficient and uninterrupted electrical service you need.

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Learn more about why hundreds of food processing and manufacturing companies rely on Allegiance for USDA compliant and high-quality sanitizing, security, and electrical services. Our teams go “all-in” to uphold the standards of your facilities and your commitment to the health and safety of your customers.

Contact us to learn how we can help maintain sanitation, cleanliness, and USDA compliance of your facilities. We are happy to meet with your team, conduct a full site audit, and provide a detailed cost analysis and quote.

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