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Ace Your Audit with These 5 Janitorial Processes

Ace Your Audit with These 5 Janitorial Processes

It is common for janitorial vendors to make promises of providing “audit ready” cleaning services. However, without the proper procedures in place, what you may actually receive is additional assistance in preparing areas that are not typically covered in the regular cleaning services or scope of work. This additional help often comes with an additional cost.

At Allegiance, we hold the belief that thorough, comprehensive, and high-quality cleaning should not be reserved solely for audit preparation. We strive to maintain an “audit ready” standard in our work every day, without any additional charges. We are committed to ensuring that our clients’ facilities are always prepared for audits, with our processes designed to guarantee that no detail is overlooked, whether it be on audit day or any other day.

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Here’s how we do it:

Understanding the Flow: Our first step is to thoroughly familiarize ourselves with our clients’ facilities, processes, and workflows. This includes gaining a comprehensive understanding of the specific routes that VIPs and auditors typically follow during tours or inspections, known as the “hot spot route.” It is crucial to recognize that these inspection pathways can vary for each client. Therefore, our managers diligently examine these routes on a daily basis.

Ensure that Nothing Is Overlooked: To guarantee that no detail is missed, it is crucial to implement a thorough process for non-hot spots. A 9-point inspection is conducted on a rotating basis to ensure that a minimum of 45 separate areas are cleaned at least once a week. These areas include stairwells, offices, supply closets, manufacturing aisles, and other hidden corners that may be easily overlooked. This meticulous approach ensures that every part of the facility is properly maintained and free of dirt and debris.

Take a Fresh Point of View: Ensuring a thorough and audit-ready cleaning goes beyond simply following a checklist. Our teams are dedicated to maintaining a high standard of cleanliness by continuously assessing their surroundings from all angles. They meticulously inspect every nook and cranny for any signs of dirt, dust, or disarray that may have been overlooked. Unlike other janitorial vendors who merely go through the motions, our team goes above and beyond to identify and address even the smallest details, such as cobwebs on walls or over doorways. We understand the importance of a pristine environment and take pride in delivering exceptional cleaning services that exceed expectations.

Maintain a Consistent Schedule of Periodic Work: Regular cleaning and maintenance tasks should be incorporated into the schedule every two to three months to ensure that floors, walls, and ceilings are kept clean and tidy.

Document the Processes: Site manuals are essential for ensuring that processes are consistently followed without deviation, particularly in facilities that must adhere to strict protocols for health and safety, such as pharmaceutical and healthcare settings. These manuals serve as a guide for employees to maintain compliance with regulations and standards, ultimately ensuring the well-being of both employees and patients. By providing clear and detailed instructions, site manuals help to streamline operations and minimize the risk of errors or accidents. It is imperative that all staff members familiarize themselves with the contents of these manuals and adhere to them diligently to uphold the highest standards of quality and safety.

Don’t Settle for Ordinary when You Can Have Audit-Ready Clean

Ensuring that your facility is in top condition for visitors and auditors is crucial. However, our primary objective is to maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone on a daily basis.

A reliable janitorial partner is one that prioritizes the safety, health, and cleanliness of your workplace consistently. If your current janitorial provider charges extra for audit cleaning or neglects essential tasks like floor stripping, waxing, and buffing until the last minute, it may be time to consider a new provider. Paying additional fees for audit-readiness can also increase the risk of a poor audit outcome due to rushed completion of tasks.

It is essential to choose a janitorial partner that has a proactive plan in place to keep your facility clean and audit-ready at all times, without any hidden costs.

With decades of experience, Allegiance specializes in providing a wide range of commercial cleaning services for industries where precision is paramount, such as pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and surgical centers. Our clients trust our proven processes to maintain audit-readiness year-round.

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