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Avoid Paying a “Tidy Sum” & Protect Yourself Against Janitorial Cost Surprises

Avoid Paying a “Tidy Sum” & Protect Yourself Against Janitorial Cost Surprises

Janitorial agreements can be treacherously expensive if you choose the wrong partner.

Along with the many indirect costs of shoddy service, like health, safety and employee morale problems, unreliable janitorial service can also leave you paying directly for the mistake.

It happens when you discover that the vendor you hired to ensure that your facility would always be clean and ready for an audit or a VIP tour is actually charging you extra when the time comes to put your facility under the microscope. This kind of “special” work comes with a “special” price tag.

At Allegiance Industries, we don’t believe there is anything special about cleaning stairwells or conference rooms, or doorways, or any out-of-the-way spots that might draw attention when your facility is on display. These are areas that should be cleaned on a regular basis with a process that provides regular inspections and checkpoints to ensure that nothing is missed.

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If You Pay Extra for Audit-Ready Cleaning, What Are You Paying for the Rest of the Time?

Even periodic work should be built into the schedule so that no area goes neglected. If your provider is saving some areas for a “special occasion” ­like a VIP visit, why should you be charged extra because your provider wasn’t keeping these areas clean on a regular basis?

Such audit cleaning practices are not just expensive, they’re implemented under a deadline, creating the risk that even if you’re paying extra, you could be getting less. A rush job is rarely a thorough job.

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Poor Janitorial Processes Exact a Toll in Time, Money & Stress

Then there are the indirect costs of using a janitorial provider with hit and miss processes.

In-between audits and tours, those untended areas add cost that you may not see right away. Dirty floors create safety risks and leave visitors and employees with a negative impression. Workers’ compensation costs may rise. Dust or debris from dirty ceilings can fall into the production line and cause delays, or worse.

A dirty workplace can have repercussions on productivity too. Studies show that people are significantly influenced by their physical environments and dirty and cluttered workplaces create stress and anxiety and make it difficult to focus, according to the Harvard Business Review. Workplace stress costs American businesses up to $190 billion every year in health care costs, the article reports.

Don’t Settle for Sloppy Service: Make the Switch

At Allegiance Industries, our clients don’t pay extra to be audit-ready. They reap the benefit of processes that include a meticulous list of rotating checkpoints designed to ensure nothing is overlooked, whether it’s on the tour or not. Our processes have been honed over three decades and customized to ensure that you can be confident on audit day and every other day.

We offer more than just high-quality cleaning services. Our reliable and well-trained team prides itself on superior communication and customer service. With the Allegiance team in place, everything gets clean and stays clean, with no gaps.

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