Reach a Higher Standard of Clean in Your Facility with a Janitorial Partner that Reflects Your Professionalism

Any janitorial vendor can promise you “clean.” But that can mean almost anything.

At Allegiance, “clean” is a standard that goes above and beyond. Our customers depend on us for a level of clean that protects the health of their customers and their employees, ensures the highest standards of regulatory compliance, and protects against illness, accidents and disruption.

Allegiance Industries is a reliable, and experienced, team with a suite of janitorial and disinfection services that make the grade for even the most demanding environments, including Fortune 500 manufacturing plants, food processors, pharmaceuticals, universities, and public schools. Why should you settle for less? Having the professional sanitation, disinfection and cleaning service you need to keep your facilities running smoothly, safely and hygienically means you can focus on running – and growing – your organization.

If that’s not what you’re getting from your janitorial provider, it’s time to find a partner trusted across industries where “clean” reaches a higher level.

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Cleanliness & Communication that Ensure Safety & Productivity

We have decades of experience providing 24/7 janitorial services to maintain the audit-ready cleanliness of workplaces throughout the Southeast, no matter how dirty the job. A full range of facility services takes cleaning to the next level, with an experienced and full-trained team committed to exceeding your expectations.

At Allegiance, we pride ourselves on ensuring the highest level of consistency, reliability and compliant sanitation practices, with on-site supervision, seamless scheduling, consolidated billing, and comprehensive communication and reporting practices.

We offer daily, monthly, and quarterly checklists, meetings, and reporting to keep you in the loop. We operate as an extension of your team, allowing you to focus on more pressing issues while our staff handles ongoing maintenance and upkeep.

Expert Cleaning Services to Maintain Health & Hygiene

Our services are customized to the needs of our clients and include green cleaning, clean room services, medical waste disposal, special event services, and more:

✓ Janitorial/Housekeeping

✓ Floor Work and Refinishing

✓ Carpet Cleaning

✓ Facility Scrubbing Services

✓ Sanitation Services

✓ Electrostatic Disinfection Services

✓ Pressure Washing

✓ Recycling

✓ Clean Room Cleaning

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