Janitorial Service Post-COVID

While coronavirus infection numbers continue to plummet across the US, enhanced standards for cleanliness that the pandemic created may be slow to recede.

After the turmoil of the last 18 months a bit of lagging virophobia is to be expected but some of the sanitation processes implemented during the height of the pandemic are no longer needed to maintain a healthy operational facility.

So, how can you be sure you’re not overpaying for pandemic-level sanitation, that you don’t necessarily need, while having confidence that your workplace is safe, healthy, consistently clean, and audit-ready?

Key Questions a True Partner Can Help You Answer

A true janitorial partner will help you answer the following questions confidently, just as we do for our clients:

  • What higher level of clean and sanitization, demanded during the pandemic, are still needed to reduce the spread of illness during everyday operation? Standard cleaning products don’t kill viruses but a level up does. Allegiance Industries partners with multiple innovative chemical companies to insure we provide our customers EPA approved disinfectants and cleaning supplies that kill viruses on site.
  • Since COVID is airborne, how much high-touchpoint cleaning is needed when social distancing and masks have proven to be more effective, and are electrostatic sprayers effective? Allegiance Industries respects and follows the guidance of the CDC. The CDC recommends high-touch surfaces should be cleaned at least once per day.
  • Do you still need dedicated COVID cleaners or an upgraded version of your pre-pandemic cleaning? Though many employees are now fully vaccinated, OSHA’s COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) states: “Employers should still take steps to protect unvaccinated or otherwise at-risk workers in their workplaces, or well-defined portions of workplaces.” Allegiance can help you do so by implementing proven janitorial and sanitation methods that prevent illness. Our processes and methods supersede CDC standards eliminating the need for dedicated COVID cleaners.
  • Are you still paying a COVID premium? It’s probably time to return to pre-pandemic hourly rates.
  • Since the flu was virtually wiped out in 2020, does it make sense to ramp up cleaning and sanitization just prior to cold and flu season, then ramp it down again afterwards? When the pandemic began many companies scrambled to generate COVID sanitation processes for their facilities. Viral control and prevention have always been top priority for Allegiance and our customer base. We are confident in our illness prevention processes and know, without diligent employee training and high-quality chemicals, an epidemic can arise quickly. Having the right janitorial partner can help your facility maintain consistent service frequencies throughout the year.

Making the Transition from COVID-19 to a High Level of Clean

At Allegiance Industries, we can help you answer all the questions above and make the transition to post-COVID safety, without losing anything you need, while avoiding unnecessary processes. We’ve had a team of dedicated COVID cleaners working throughout the pandemic and, as we have learned more about the virus and how it spread, we have been able to keep our processes tailored to match the threat – and the specific needs of the industries we serve.

Our clients don’t have to worry about whether their facilities are up to the level of clean needed to ensure the health and safety of their workers, to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies like the FDA or OSHA, or to ensure that they are consistently clean, safe and audit or visitor ready. That’s our job, and we perform it as a partner, not a vendor, with on-site supervision, regular communication and adherence to your KPIs and other needs.

Scalability Up & Down Based on What Level of Clean You Really Need

Our ability to scale up to meet the demands of a global pandemic was a great source of confidence to our clients and scaling back as these needs subsided was appreciated.

How to Get Started

We can help determine what level of post-pandemic cleaning is right for your company. Starting with a cost analysis that includes a comprehensive on-site survey that will identify what a high quality, yet cost-effective, janitorial program will look like for your facility. Our clients also appreciate our ability to provide other services when needed, including electrical contracting, 24/7 armed and unarmed security services, and a variety of special projects.

Contact us to learn more about post-COVID janitorial services