Who do you trust more to keep your manufacturing floor, restrooms, offices, and common areas not just clean and sanitized but tour and audit-ready, all the time – a janitorial vendor or a janitorial partner? What’s the difference?

Many janitorial vendors struggle to meet expectations of cleanliness on a regular basis, leaving a trail of more than just overflowing trash cans and empty paper dispensers. Unreliable cleaning services leave a poor impression on visitors, leave employees feeling demoralized and worse – can leave your facility facing negative audit findings.

Why go to the trouble of outsourcing your janitorial needs if you can’t be sure of reliable, high-quality service that leaves your facility professionally clean and sanitized day after day?

It’s not complicated: it’s about consistency, professionalism, training, and a company that cares about getting it right for you – with processes tailored to the needs of the business. It’s about taking on the responsibilities of a partner, not a vendor.

That’s why we developed our “all-in” janitorial partnership service, which we offer as part of a strategic partnership that differs from standard commercial and industrial cleaning services in several key ways.

What Does an “All-In” Janitorial Partnership Look Like?

In our “all-in” partnership model, our janitorial services are overseen by a regional and executive team and are performed by a well-trained and professional team earning a living wage. Our employees don’t have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet and as a result, we don’t have the turnover that plagues so many janitorial services. It’s the right thing to do and it leaves us with a team that is experienced, trained and motivated to provide the highest-quality services.

Communication is also critical, beginning with key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with yours. Completing daily checklists and monthly, quarterly and annual quality reviews means KPIs are met – and often exceeded.  Regional managers visit your site at least once a month and our executive team meets with you once a quarter to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Janitorial Partner vs. Vendor: A Summary

Janitorial Service Provider




Following a Site Survey & Cost Analysis

Price Quote

Employee Compensation

Living Wage

Minimum Wage

Janitorial Turnover



Manufacturing Experience



Onsite Management



Daily Checklists



Monthly Regional Manager Visits



Quarterly Executive Visits



Vendor Management**



Periodic Cleaning

A Specialty


Surprise Charges/Invoices



Tour/Audit-Ready Every Day



24/7 Armed/Unarmed Security Option



High Voltage Electrical Option



The bottom line: if you’re thinking about your janitorial service, you’ve got the wrong partner.

* Only see regional manager when something goes seriously wrong and just prior to contract renewal

** Proactively managing waste management, pallet recycling, hazardous material recycling, and other vendors of yours

Request a Site Survey

To get started, request a site survey and cost analysis. We will walk your plant, identify what’s working, what’s not, and show you how we can take your janitorial service to a higher standard. We will prepare a report and a proposal describing what you can expect from an “all-in” janitorial approach.

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